The value-added of our translation work has always lain in the priority we give to quality. All translations are done by mother-tongue professionals selected on the basis of their experience in the specific sector concerned. Translators only receive texts to be translated into their own native language and within their field of specialization.

This is supplemented by a careful revision, performed by another professional in order to eliminate any imperfections in the original translation.

That is not all: for us quality does not only mean assuring a translation that is terminologically correct. For us it also means taking care of the translation's style so that it is functionally equivalent to the original. We in fact firmly believe that translation is not a mere mechanical act but an art that is able to make a text and its author's intentions come alive in the target language/culture.

On request, we develop glossaries agreed with customers in order to meet all their requirements.

In addition, UniMoney believes in the importance of investing in the continuous training of its translators and revisers. It therefore gives both its in-house employees and its freelancers the possibility of attending refresher courses and seminars held by qualified teachers.

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We developed a partnership with The Lantern Research SA to deal with Swiss customers

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