Management of requests

For every request, we promptly provide a free estimate detailing delivery times and costs, based on a preliminary assessment of the source text or, if not available, of a representative selection of a few pages.

Estimates are tailor-made, based on each client's needs, with offers and discounts commensurate with the type and length of the texts to be translated.

Flexibility has in fact always been a key feature of our approach to customers, as is the aim of establishing a reciprocally fruitful relationship with them.

It is indeed for this reason that we are always ready to enter into continuous agreements with our customers. On the one hand they enable us to apply price reductions and, on the other, to assure uniformity of wording and style between the various texts translated - which of course adds further quality and a positive return for the customer's image.

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We developed a partnership with The Lantern Research SA to deal with Swiss customers

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