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UniMoney has been offering quality linguistic services since 1990.

In the last 20 years the translation sector has undergone many changes, in the wake of growing globalization that has caused new realities to emerge and made it necessary to communicate effectively to create new bonds and consolidate existing relationships. Our customers, active on the international stage, also found themselves facing these new opportunities, ready to meet the new challenges. In this evolving scenario, our commitment to them has remained unchanged.

Our objective has always been quality interlingual and intercultural communication, which we manage to achieve thanks to an approach that considers translation an indivisible combination of technical know-how and art.

These two apparently contrasting qualities merge both during the source text analysis, which focuses on the specifics of the language in which it is written and on the distinctive features of its culture of origin and during actual translation aimed to produce a target text that will circulate in the receiving culture.

Our approach to translation services is based on painstaking selection of mother-tongue translators, with tried-and-true experience in translation and in their respective work sectors and a marked vocation for communication - two "must-haves" to ensure provision of top quality translations.

Our value-added comes from the meticulous revision process to which every translation is subject. Our object is to provide customers with an optimal result.

Our standard:

  • Mother-tongue translators
  • Meticulous revision of every document by a second professional
  • Accuracy
  • Punctuality
  • Confidentiality
  • Solutions tailor-made to meet the client's needs
  • Sector specialization

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UniMoney - Universal S.r.l.

Via Colico, 12
20158 Milano

Tel. (+39) 0239325878

Corso Elvezia, 10
6900 Lugano

We developed a partnership with The Lantern Research SA to deal with Swiss customers

VAT number - Tax code - Company register number: 05019790962

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