UniMoney, fundada en 1990, es una sociedad líder en el ámbito de los servicios lingüísticos de tipo económico, financiero, jurídico-legal, informático, técnico y periodístico.

Nuestros servicios:

  • Traducciones de tipo financiero, jurídico-legal, técnico, informático y periodístico (balances, análisis de fondos, textos bancarios, análisis bursátil, contratos, pericias, presentaciones, comunicados de prensa, manuales, artículos, sitios internet, etc.)
  • Interpretariado para reuniones de negocios, conferencias, congresos (interpretación de enlace, interpretación consecutiva, interpretación simultánea y chuchotage)

Nuestros estándares:

  • Traductores nativos
  • Exhaustiva revisión de cada documento por parte de otro profesional
  • Precisión
  • Puntualidad
  • Confidencialidad
  • Soluciones personalizadas según las exigencias del cliente
  • Especialización sectorial




06 August 2020


02 July 2020

Institutional Investors’ Sustainability: the challenge ahead

18 June 2020

This morning MondoInvestor organized another Online Conference focusing on ESG issues.

UniMoney's interpreters provided simultaneous translation of speeches held by institutional investors and financial industry players on Zoom.

Thanks to online technologies and remote interpreting, UniMoney is able to provide translation services of utmost quality to its customers.

For further information: marketing@unimoney.it.

MondoInvestor Web Conference

03 June 2020

The first online edition of the MondoInvestor Conference took place today on Zoom. Simultaneous interpreting was possible thanks to the professional support of two interpreters boasting a long-standing relationship with UniMoney

UniMoney’s remote interpreting has made it possible for institutional investors and financial industry players to discuss and share ideas effectively.

For further information: marketing@unimoney.it

Happy 30th Birthday, UniMoney!

22 April 2020

The one-lira coin chosen by UniMoney as the brand logo to indicate its specific language services designed for the financial industry has now been forgotten by most. We recall it with fondness as the symbol of a business started in the 1990s. UniMoney was established and grew over the worst post-war economic crisis; it then extended its services to include the legal, industrial and communication fields.

Thanks to its many customers and the contribution of dozens of employees and external staff, the company overcame the 2008-2011 recession and now it is operating in this difficult and challenging times.

The future has no limits: we strongly believe in the value of human translations. Beside the increasingly useful support of new technologies, translation and interpreting services will have to rely on skilled and professional—although fallible—human beings for long.

Many thanks to you all! #UniMoney30thbirthday

Happy Easter!

10 April 2020

Happy Easter from all of us at UniMoney!

Any troubles with remote interpreting? UniMoney can help!

24 March 2020

Thanks to the use of web platforms and a network of professional interpreters, UniMoney can ensure high-quality remote interpreting services.

Remote interpreting allows customers to attend meetings with speakers of different languages from their workstation.

For further information: marketing@unimoney.it.


16 March 2020

In this scenario of health emergency, UniMoney has adopted all the safety measures decided by relevant Authorities to protect its staff, who is currently remote working.
UniMoney continues to provide its high-quality services based on the expertise and professionalism of its staff, freelance interpreters and translators. All the translation projects are dealt with by carefully selecting the resources necessary to perform them.
Worthy of note are also remote interpreting services provided by UniMoney for many kinds of events (webinars, online conference calls, workshops and BoD or Annual General Meetings).


Need a language service provider to translate your Annual Reports?

12 March 2020

Translating annual reports and financial statements has become increasingly important for all the companies operating at an international level.
It’s the opportunity to present company services to investors, financial institutions and banks. That’s why a good translation is a must and synonym for professionalism and transparency.
UniMoney’s services include first of all a top-level project management area, which can also deal with urgent translation requests.
For further information: info@unimoney.it.


20 February 2020

The event devoted to asset management and innovative investment strategies has just started: this year too, UniMoney participates in Quant - QUANTITATIVE & ASSET MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP as Technical Partner.

For further information: www.quant.it and www.unimoney.it.

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