UniMoney, fundada en 1990, es una sociedad líder en el ámbito de los servicios lingüísticos de tipo económico, financiero, jurídico-legal, informático, técnico y periodístico.

Nuestros servicios:

  • Traducciones de tipo financiero, jurídico-legal, técnico, informático y periodístico (balances, análisis de fondos, textos bancarios, análisis bursátil, contratos, pericias, presentaciones, comunicados de prensa, manuales, artículos, sitios internet, etc.)
  • Interpretariado para reuniones de negocios, conferencias, congresos (interpretación de enlace, interpretación consecutiva, interpretación simultánea y chuchotage)

Nuestros estándares:

  • Traductores nativos
  • Exhaustiva revisión de cada documento por parte de otro profesional
  • Precisión
  • Puntualidad
  • Confidencialidad
  • Soluciones personalizadas según las exigencias del cliente
  • Especialización sectorial



14 days to the Anti-Money Laundering Conference

21 September 2022

UniMoney is pleased to announce that it will sponsor the 12th edition of the Anti-Money Laundering Conference scheduled to take place at Palazzo Mezzanotte in Milan on 5 October.
The day will be full of insights and discussions with industry experts.
For further information please send an email to marketing@unimoney.it or visit the Sponsors page at www.saloneantiriciclaggio.it/sponsor.html.

MondoInstitutional's Insurance Forum - 5th edition

19 September 2022

Last week Venice hosted the 5th edition of the Insurance Forum organised by MondoInstitutional, a financial information portal for institutional investors.
UniMoney, as Language Service Partner, provided simultaneous interpreting services thanks to two of its interpreters who translated all the speeches made by speakers attending the event.
For further information: marketing@unimoney.it.

UniMoney's language services available in august, too!

01 August 2022

We remind our kind customers that UniMoney's translation services will be available in August, too.

For more information: traduz@unimoney.it.

Enjoy your summer!

Institutional Investors Forum

21 June 2022

Another event dedicated to Institutional Investors was organised by MondoInvestor and held in Rome last Thursday.

During the event UniMoney provided simultaneous translation services and consolidated the long-standing relation with its client.

For further information: marketing@unimoney.it.

Metaforum Lugano

14 June 2022

Organised by FinLantern, the first edition of Metaforum was held yesterday at the LAC Museum in Lugano.

UniMoney has been FinLantern's technical partner for over 10 years now; on this occasion, UniMoney's interpreters provided simultaneous translation of speeches on cryptos, DeFi and blockchain in the various rooms.

For further information: marketing@unimoney.it or www.metaforum.ch.

Morningstar Awards for Investing Excellence

20 May 2022

The sixteenth edition of the Morningstar Awards for Investing Excellence was held last night at the Cariplo foundation’s congress centre in Milan.
Awards were presented to the relevant winners during a revamped  ceremony.
UniMoney, as Morningstar's Language Service Partner, provided the simultaneous translation of the speech given by Richard H. Thaler, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2017.
For further information: marketing@unimoney.it.

The new frontiers of ESG investments

05 May 2022

The Forum on the new frontiers of ESG investments took place yesterday at the Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel in Rome.
The event aimed at discussing the topics connected to socially responsible investments with a panel of specialists and leading players in the field.
Once again, UniMoneyMondoInvestor's language service partner—had the opportunity to provide simultaneous interpreting services through a team of expert interpreters.
For further information: marketing@unimoney.it.

Institutional Investors Forum - Rome, 12 April 2022

14 April 2022

The Forum dedicated to institutional investors was held at the Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel in Rome on Tuesday, 12 April 2022.
During the event UniMoney provided simultaneous translation to investors in all the five sponsor rooms.
For further information: marketing@unimoney.it.

Asset allocation in insurance portfolios

08 April 2022

On 6 April 2022, the Gallia Hotel based in Milan hosted the Forum dedicated to asset allocation in insurance portfolios. The aim of the event was to analyse the investment outlook and current trends in the insurance market.
UniMoney had the opportunity to provide its interpreting services thanks to a team of interpreters specialised in the field.
For further information:  marketing@unimoney.it.

Institutional Investors Forum - Rome, 8 March 2022

09 March 2022

The Institutional Investors Forum periodically organised by MondoInvestor was held in Rome yesterday.
We at UniMoney were pleased to provide simultaneous translation of speeches thanks to our experienced interpreters specialising in financial topics.

For further information: marketing@unimoney.it.

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