Créée en 1990, UniMoney est une société leader des services linguistiques dans les domaines économique, financier, juridique, informatique, technique et du journalisme.

Nos services:

  • Traduction économique, financière, juridique, technique, informatique et dans le domaine du journalisme (rapports annuels, analyses d'investissement, textes bancaires, analyses financières, contrats, expertises, présentations, communiqués de presse, manuels, articles, sites internet, etc.)
  • Interprétation de liaison, consécutive, simultanée et chuchotée (lors de réunions d’affaires, conférences, congrès).

Nos points forts :

  • Traducteurs de langue maternelle
  • Révision soignée par un autre traducteur
  • Précision
  • Ponctualité
  • Discrétion
  • Solutions personnalisées en fonction des besoins du client
  • Spécialisation par secteurs.



Institutional Investors Forum

21 October 2021

The Institutional Investors Forum organised by MondoInvestor was held in Rome yesterday.

As a language service partner, UniMoney was pleased to provide simultaneous translation of speeches made in the various meeting rooms.

For further information: marketing@unimoney.it.

Insurance Forum - Venice

20 September 2021

Another event with public attendance was organised by MondoInvestor: the fourth edition of the Insurance Forum held in Venice on Thursday 16 and Friday 17 September.
As language service partner, UniMoney was pleased to provide simultaneous translation of speeches.

For further information: marketing@unimoney.it

UniMoney’s services are always available, even in August!

28 July 2021

We remind our kind customers that UniMoney's translation services will be available in August, too.

For more information: traduz@unimoney.it.

Enjoy your summer!

Events with public attendance can resume!

07 July 2021

MondoInvestor’s events with public attendance have finally resumed in Rome.

Indeed, the workshop dedicated to institutional investors was held yesterday and simultaneous translation of speeches was provided by UniMoney’s interpreters during the morning.

For further information: marketing@unimoney.it

MondoInvestor Web Conferences

14 May 2021

Two important web conferences organized by MondoInvestor were held on Tuesday, 11th and Thursday,13th May. UniMoney attended these two events providing language services. The Tuesday event was dedicated to pension funds, the fourth of this type in 2021 so far, while the Thursday event was dedicated to fund selectors.

Excellent remote simultaneous translation was provided by UniMoney’s interpreters, who can boast consolidated experience and strong specialist skills.

Financial Webinars

25 March 2021

On 23rd and 24th March 2021, MondoInvestor organised two financial webinars and UniMoney took part in these events as the official language services partner.

The first webinar focused on pension investment opportunities in the post-pandemic world, while the second one was the usual virtual meeting dedicated to fund selectors.

Thanks to its long-standing team of interpreters, UniMoney provided the translation into English and Italian of all speeches.

For further information: marketing@unimoney.it.

As the new year starts, MondoInvestor’s online events resume

14 January 2021

The web conferences organised by MondoInvestor have resumed and the first event of 2021 was held on 14th January from 9.00 to 12.00.

Pension funds were the topic of the day. Simultaneous translation of speeches and participants’ questions was provided by UniMoney’s interpreters.

For further information: marketing@unimoney.it.

Season’s Greetings

09 December 2020


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at UniMoney!


UniMoney is Knowità's language services partner for eight years in a row

03 December 2020

The digital edition of the Top Management Forum organised by the Arezzo-based company Knowità ended yesterday.

As usual, this event offers a unique insight into the future and current strategies of businesses.

For further information: marketing@unimoney.it and https://www.topmanagementforum.it/partner-2020/

Rates locked in for 2021!

17 November 2020

In compliance with anti-Covid measures decided by Italy’s Government, UniMoney continues to provide interpreting services for online webinars by using several web conference platforms.
Online interpreting has become the simplest and most effective solution for multilingual communication.

The effects of Covid-19 on the Italian economy and the services sector have been devastating; within this scenario, UniMoney has decided to lock in prices for 2021.

For further details: marketing@unimoney.it

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