Créée en 1990, UniMoney est une société leader des services linguistiques dans les domaines économique, financier, juridique, informatique, technique et du journalisme.

Nos services:

  • Traduction économique, financière, juridique, technique, informatique et dans le domaine du journalisme (rapports annuels, analyses d'investissement, textes bancaires, analyses financières, contrats, expertises, présentations, communiqués de presse, manuels, articles, sites internet, etc.)
  • Interprétation de liaison, consécutive, simultanée et chuchotée (lors de réunions d’affaires, conférences, congrès).

Nos points forts :

  • Traducteurs de langue maternelle
  • Révision soignée par un autre traducteur
  • Précision
  • Ponctualité
  • Discrétion
  • Solutions personnalisées en fonction des besoins du client
  • Spécialisation par secteurs.



Efpa Italia Meeting 2019

05 June 2019


"The skills to be competitive" is the event title of the 2019 Efpa Italia Meeting, which is scheduled to take place tomorrow and the day after tomorrow at the Lingotto Congress Centre in Turin.

It's a unique opportunity to meet major finance experts from Italy and Europe.

By virtue of UniMoney's long-standing partnership with the event organiser, our interpreters will provide simultaneous interpreting services during all sessions due to be held at the G. Agnelli conference room.

For further information: marketing@unimoney.it.

MondoInstitutional Workshop

27 May 2019

The new frontiers of ESG investment in institutional investors’ portfolios

Another important event reserved to institutional investors will take place in Rome, at Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel & SPA, on Wednesday, 29th May 2019. In its role as long-standing translation partner of MondoInstitutional, UniMoney will provide simultaneous interpreting services during the event, thanks to its highly qualified and experienced interpreters.

For further information: marketing@unimoney.it.

Anti-Money Laundering Convention - 10th edition - Milan, 10 May 2019

13 May 2019

UniMoney sponsored the 10th edition of the Anti-Money Laundering Convention which took place at the Milan Stock Exchange headquarters on Friday, 10 May.

Organised by SGR Consulting SA, the event featured top-level speakers, including eminent Lawyers, Notaries and Professors in the field. They shed light on the latest developments in terms of regulations and requirements provided for by the law.

UniMoney would like to thank all participants who visited our stand to get updated on our language services.

Happy Easter from everyone at UniMoney!

17 April 2019

From everyone here at UniMoney, we wish a very Happy Easter to all those celebrating this weekend, and particularly to both our long-standing and new customers.

We remind you that our services will be available as usual in the next few weeks, except on Italian public holidays (22nd and 25th April, 1st May).

For any translation request, please send an email to the following addresses traduz@unimoney.ittraduz@unimoney.ch or contact us by phone (+39-02- or +41-043-500.22.73).

UniMoney staff

MondoInstitutional Forum: Meeting Experts

12 April 2019

Another important workshop reserved to institutional investors will take place in Rome, at Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel & SPA, on Tuesday, 16th April 2019. In its role as long-standing partner of MondoInstitutional, UniMoney will provide simultaneous interpreting services during the event, thanks to its highly qualified and experienced interpreters.

For further information: marketing@unimoney.it.

UniMoney at the 2019 edition of Il Salone del Risparmio

06 March 2019

UniMoney will participate in the 2019 edition of Il Salone del Risparmio, by providing simultaneous translation services on Thursday, 4th April 2019, during the conference held by Morningstar: “STEWARDSHIP WITH PURPOSE – How do important asset managers in US companies vote?”.

This annual event is a unique opportunity for key industry players to share their experiences and new ideas.

For further information: marketing@unimoney.it.

It's time to have your annual report translated!

15 February 2019

Annual reports are documents of major importance since they disclose the financial position and performance of companies and organizations.

That’s why you should rely on translation service providers like UniMoney, a leading company in the language sector since 1990, to translate your report into English or other European and non-European languages.

Specializing in the economic and financial sectors, UniMoney’s translators regularly deal with annual and interim reports, prospectuses of investment funds and SICAVs, market reports, press releases and articles published in national and international newspapers and magazines.

UniMoney provides a top-class quality service, since each document is translated by a mother-tongue translator specializing in the relevant field, and the translation is then revised by a second professional.

For further information or a free quotation: marketing@unimoney.it.

UniMoney at QUANT 2019

05 February 2019


Also this year UniMoney will be Technical Partner during Quant - QUANTITATIVE & ASSET MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP, the event organised by DIAMAN SCF R&D Srl and The Lantern Research SA, scheduled in Venice for Thursday, 21st and Friday, 22nd February 2019.
Asset management and innovative investment strategies will be the key topic of the event. 
UniMoney's important role will be to provide the simultaneous translation of speeches given on 22nd February 2019.

For further information: marketing@unimoney.it.

Institutional investors’ events are back and UniMoney is ready!

05 February 2019

MondoInstitutional Forum: Meeting Experts

Organized by MondoInstitutional, the workshop for institutional investors will take place at Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel & SPA in Rome on Tuesday, 12th February 2019. During the event, UniMoney's interpreters will provide high-quality and professional simultaneous translation services.

For further information: marketing@unimoney.it.

Top Management Forum 2018

22 November 2018

Opinion leaders debating at the event organized by Knowità

Business, strategic priorities and skills of the leaders of the future were some of the topics discussed during the plenary session (Vision) of the Top Management Forum. The event took place in the beautiful Villa Castelbarco, one of the greatest historic buildings in Lombardy, on 22nd November. In the afternoon, special focus was given to applications and insights with an Execution-oriented approach.

Simultaneous translation of speeches was provided by UniMoney's interpreters.

For further information: marketing@unimoney.it



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